Originally from St-Barthélemy, a small island in the French West Indies, I currently live in Paris for my studies. In third year of Graphic Design at ECV Paris, I like to imagine, create and design artistic projects that make sense.

I am passionate, curious and positive!

It's not easy to talk about myself, Proust's questionnaire can be a good way to introduce you who i am:

My favorite virtue :
The quality that I prefer in others :
Humor in all circumstances.
What I like most about my friends :
their benevolence.
My main fault :
take things to heart
My favorite occupation :
draw at the beach :)
My dream of happiness :
to be able to turn my passion into a profession.
What would be my greatest misfortune :
be locked up in my house?
The country I would like to live in :
dominican republic.
The color that I prefer :
Yellow !
The bird that I prefer :
The pelican
The gift of nature that I would like to have :
a spectacular vision.
How I would like to die :
In a fight against a shark.
My current state of mind :
is positive!

thank you for your attention, see you very soon for new adventures!